Our closing services will protect your pool from damage due to freezing water and keep it as clean as possible for the next season. Closing your swimming pool properly can save you a lot of work when it comes time to open the swimming pool for the summer as well as potential damage that could occur if closed incorrectly.

Book Pool Closing Service

  • Apply shock and algaecide to water (included in price)
  • Lower water level to recommended level
  • Winterize equipment. Small parts get stored in basket and/or bag on site.
  • Disconnect plumbing where possible
  • Remove ladders, railings, diving boards, etc. when possible. Aboveground style Drop-In steps and A-frame ladders must be removed before our arrival.
  • Remove water from all underground lines and plug to prevent water entry. 
  • Antifreeze added where necessary. One included for pump housing. If additional bottles are needed, they will be an extra charge.
  • Cover pool with client's winter cover and fill waterbags and/or secure cover as per type of cover.

Please remember bookings are done on a pre-paid, first come, first served basis. No closing will be considered fully booked until full payment is made. TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT, BOOK EARLY!

Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system. 

*Online booking will open in June. Early booking offer will be valid until June 30th for online bookings only.