Our Services: Pool Openings and Closings

The professionals at John's LeisureScapes take the stress, worry and work out of getting your pool ready for the long, hot summer ahead.

Your complete pool opening includes:

  • Pumping off the surface water
  • Removal, cleaning and storage of the winter cover
  • Reassembly of all pool equipment
  • Startup of the filtration system
  • Initial application of water care products

Your complete pool closing includes:

  • Lowering the pool water level
  • Disassembling the pool equipment
  • "Blowing out" and capping off the lines
  • Applying the winterizing water care products
  • Installing the winter cover

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Save Money: At John's LeisureScapes, we offer our customers a pre-payment program. If you pre-pay for both your pool's opening and closing, you will receive a $75 gift certificate for in-store products.

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