Pristiva Salt Water Pool Care

The ocean's not complicated. Your salt water pool shouldn't be either.

Want to know more about the benefits of owning a salt water pool? Soft, soothing water and easier maintenance have made salt water pools very popular. But these pools also have unique chemistry and harsh operating conditions within the salt cell. Not maintaining salt water pools properly increases the risk of stains, scale, corrosion and premature equipment failure.

John's Leisurescapes sells regular pool salt as well as a number of specialty products designed for salt water pools and their unique needs.

If your salt water pool is becoming a source of frustration or if you want the absolute best salt water experience, ask us about the Pristiva system. Pristiva is sold in Alliston exclusively by John's Leisurescapes. Pristiva is an advanced system for the startup and maintenance of salt water pools. Superior quality, stain prevention and scale protection.

  • Advanced system for start-up and maintenance of salt water pools, consisting of Primer and Activator
  • Combines pristine Nova Scotia Salt and powerful X2O ingredients for crystal clear, smooth water that is more comfortable than traditional chlorine or salt water pools
  • Provides unmatched protection of pool finishes and equipment
  • Easy to use with fewer steps for less time and lower cost associated with operating and maintaining a pool
  • Replaces all conventional pool salts for salt water pools

Pristiva®...Taking Salt Water Pools to a New Level of Perfection.